Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When the ground is too wet for our regular weed sprayers we can pull a small tank with an ATV.  Here we are spraying the weeds along the tree row with a contact and a residual herbicide. These winter annual weeds would be taller than the trees before spring if not killed now.
These trees were planted in September and by now have had time to begin to grow roots into the surrounding soil and to grow some shoots.  They will be established and get off to a strong start in the spring.


  1. How many rows do you get to a tank using that setup?

    1. We are targeting 50 gallons per sprayed acre. We are applying spray to 6 ft (3 on each side of the tree row) on a 21 ft row spacing. We are making 4 passes per tank. We know how many trees are in each row and 4 passes is about right. It requires a lot of refills so the job takes longer than with bigger equipment. When using an ATV, there is more variability of speed than with a bigger machine in which the speed can be fixed. With the safety (to the trees) of the materials we are using there is a wide margin of error and the herbicide labels allow higher rates than we are applying. I would rather be a little heavy and get better weed control than to be light and have weeds escape and thus have to re treat. I will also look at the total amount of material used when the job is done to get a measure of the average rate.
      TMI? I hope not. Thanks for asking.