Sunday, June 15, 2014

 The slightest hint of separation along the suture line is an indication that hull split is not far off. I think we will be seeing hull split before the end of June. That would be earlier than average but not highly unusual.
It is great to see vigorous new growth on these eight year old trees in addition to carrying a good size crop. We are blessed to have had adequate water so far this year.

Friday, June 13, 2014

 CandyCots are getting ripe so it is time for harvest!

Each fruit is selected for ripeness and hand picked. Over a two or three week time period, about 5 picking passes will be made across the orchard. It is a lot of walking and looking and is tiring work.
The fruit is placed into "totes" which are lined with plastic film to nest each individual fruit. Each harvester has to make important decisions about ripeness and quality. Bird damaged, insect damaged, and cracked fruit is discarded in the field. As the totes are filled they are placed into a refrigerated truck for transport to the packing shed.
A tote full of fruit (and a camera) brings out the smiles!
Here the entire crew of 10 meets with their boss, the farm labor contractor. I am very pleased with this crews sustained efforts at doing a quality job.
After all the ripe fruit is picked, a day or two are spent waiting for the remaining fruit to mature. These days are spent productively with pruning. The pruning will help expose the interior wood to sunlight to promote fruitfulness next year. It also allows sunlight to penetrate the interior of the trees to hasten the ripening of the remaining fruit.
The CandyCot packing shed is busy this time of year!