Thursday, January 16, 2014

Machine shaking mummies is the alternative to hand poling. It is more economical when there are a lot of mummies, if they are difficult to remove, or the trees are so tall that poling is impractical. The severity of the shake can be adjusted to match the energy required to remove the nuts. Usually winter shaking is less vigorous than at harvest time. This year we are lucky that the nuts are easily removed despite the dry conditions. Often nuts are difficult to remove unless they are saturated with water from rain or fog.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poling Mummies
January is the month to remove mummies (nuts that were not removed from the trees at the most recent harvest).  Mummies are the overwintering site for Navel Orange Worm (NOW). Mummy removal is the most important worm control activity of the year. In orchards where there are not too many mummies and if they are easy to remove, hand poling is an economical approach. Sadly, notice the lack of weed growth here. Since my rainy day post of November 20, 2013 we have had no rain, and none is in the forecast. The awful "D" word is heard every day, Drought. More on that later.