Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here we are applying potassium sulfate fertilizer.  Commonly referred to as "potash", potassium is an important nutrient for almond production.   For every 1,000 lbs of almonds that are harvested, over 50 lbs of potassium are removed with the crop.  A 3,000 lb crop removes over 150 pounds of potassium.  To replace that potassium, 300 pounds of potassium sulfate must be applied since the fertilizer is only 50% potassium.  Here we are applying 700 pounds per acre.

Our eastern Stanislaus soils are frequently deficient in potassium.  We apply the fertilizer in bands because potassium tends to bind with the soil and become unavailable to the trees.  By banding the application, we can saturate the soil immediately below the surface and make more of the potassium available to the trees.

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