Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Growth with a Good Crop
The Objective Crop Estimate of the 2012 almond crop released today;

2.1 Billion Pounds  

This would be a record crop, but up only 3% from last year.  It is 5% more than the Subjective Estimate that was released in May.

What does it mean for almond prices?  Time will tell, but it is not a figure much larger or smaller than was anticipated.  I do not expect a large price change in either direction.  As an industry we have been able to sell these large crops at prices that are affordable by consumers and provide growers a fair return.

Today's picture shows an almond tree with a good crop and nice new growth.  A large crop demands a lot of resources from the tree and can result in limited new growth.  We help the tree by providing adequate water and nutrients.  This tree shows good vigor and will be ready for a repeat performance next year.

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