Monday, February 18, 2019


Here is a little issue that may need to be dealt with between growers and processors.  Processors have started noting the percentage of the popular Monterey variety, that are received as doubles, with the idea that some day there may be a penalty if doubles exceed a yet-to-be-determined level. Monterey is also popular in some inshell markets.

Pictured here are seven Monterey nuts arranged roughly by size from large to small, left to right.

The two largest nuts on the left are doubles. The shells containing doubles are always larger than those containing singles. In the process of making inshell product, some meats are produced, usually from the larger nuts. This means that those meats would contain a very high percentage of doubles!  Some allowance for this will need to be made if a processor desires inshell meats.  Growers will not want to be penalized for doubles in this case.

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