Monday, February 25, 2013

When trees are entering their third and fourth leaf, we use tree rope (strong biodegradable sisal) to help support the limbs. Without help from the rope, the weight of the new growth and the crop would cause many limbs to bend over to the ground or break.  This is a well roped tree. North is to the left as you look at this picture.  Two forces cause trees in our area to grow towards the South. First, the "pull" of the sun which travels in the Southern half of our sky, and second, our persistent North winds which push the tree to the South.  For this reason, we place the rope lower on the North side of the tree.  This places the rope against thicker stronger wood which helps support the limbs on the South side of the tree where the rope is placed higher.  This picture was taken on 22 Feb. 2013. Notice the lack of bloom.  In another 10 days this tree will be white with blossoms!

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